Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mutahi Ngunyi: from an intellectual commentator to a hatchet subcontractor

I used to like Mutahi Ngunyi (left) and his compelling articles in the Sunday Nation. But that was before 2007, when he acted like a patriot and a progressive intellectual who loathed tribalism and corruption. A man who spared no one in his incisive commentaries. His ranting against the tribal clique that surrounded President Kibaki and his prophetic warning that Kenya was headed for doom unless this mischievous coterie was stopped is remembered with sadness as it came to pass.

However, as Kenya headed to the disastrous 2007 General Elections, Mutahi switched camps and joined the very people he has been lambasting. It was no-brainer, it was pure tribalism motivation. From that day, he has acted like a juvenile, like a bigot unashamed of his fraud and betrayal of the Kenyan nation and his own conscience.

His metamorphosis reminds me of that vile Zionist Nick Cohen of The Observer. Cohen transformed from a rational commentator on issues to a pen-violent Islamophobe and an ardent Zionist vouching for the genocidal tactics of the extremist Talmud oriented regime in Tel Aviv. And what's more: the man became a certified Islamophobe who fans hate against Muslims particularly those of Britain. Polemic Muslim columnist of the New Statesman Mehdi Hassan highlighted this metamorphosis in a fantastic piece in the New Statesman. Read it here.

Mutahi's latest piece in the Sunday Nation was disappointing and unfortunate. Like a far-right Evangelical bigot and a patronizing buffoon, he even talked of dark Muslim influence in the post Lancester constitution and talked of the Nation of Islam somehow gaining disproportionate influence. No one knows how he arrived at that figure and even what he meant by the Nation of Islam. But one can guess.

Since he has dismissed the new draft which is his right anyway, the man has been dishing out naked lies and myths. In his desperate attempt to convince Kenyans to reject the new constitution, he has been appealing to the religious bigots and the venomous tribalists. And a man is the people he joins. Mutahi is no less than a tribal bigot and religious fanatic , an apocalyptic Evangelical hate-monger, trabalist and islamophobe. Ashindwe milele!

Ms Njoki Ndung'u who is a member of the Committee of Experts on the Proposed new law ripped into this snobby intellectual and huckster in a piece the Nation published today. Read it here. I would like to thank Ms Njoki for shedding light on this spent force who has been subcontracted by the dark forces in defeating the Kenyan will and fomenting hate and bigotry. And thanks to the many Kenyans who said NO to his fraud and hate in the comments section, both to his article and that of Ms Njoki.

Update I: There was no Mutahi Ngunyi in the Sunday Nation yesterday. Instead, four critical letters, one of them from a 13 year old girl were published. Hmmmmmmmmmm...

Update II: I had a private email exchange with Mutahi. And we agreed to disagree though he complained that I was harsh on him. I'm sorry if I was I harsh but he has to change because he is harsh too!

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