Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The danger of exporting hate to Kenya

The Friday Bulletin, a small, weekly publication of Kenya's largest Mosque- The Jamia Mosque warned (pdf) on its latest editorial of the danger of exporting hate, in an apparent reference to the frenzied attacks on Islam and Muslims in Kenya by the Evangelical Alliance and other cults of hate over the inclusion of the already existing Kadhis Courts in the proposed constitution which is slated for a referendum on August 4 this year.

These cults of hate are being
financed and aided by the world's leading religious bigot Pat Robertson's The American Centre for Law and Justice. Former Mandera Central MP Billow Kerrow, one of the most vocal Muslim leaders in Kenya too penned an article regarding the bigotry of some of the Churches. Read the article in the pdf link above.

The Nation wrote: "Mr Robertson and Mr Sekulow are behind the Washington-based NGO that has established a centre in Nairobi to work against the proposed draft and to develop a strategy for Christians to lobby Parliament over future law reforms." It is apparent that the Far-Right brigade in the US are determined to spread their religious bigotry and hate and export it to an innocent territory that has cherished its religious tolerance for ages.

It is upon Kenyans to say NO to this hate. It is upon Kenyans to stand up to the evil machinations of the bigotry brigade who are hiding behind the veneer of faith to cash on the anguish of an agitated crowd devoid of reason and human good.

Kenya Muslim leaders' warning to Higher Education Minister to stop trading in religious hate as he seeks to bolster his standing in the NO side of the referendum is encouraging and other good hearted Kenyans must not see this as a Muslim-Christian fight-it has never been anyway- but a battle between the nefarious gang of the status quo and the reformers who are fighting for a better Kenya

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