Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's another step forward for Kenyan Muslims

Northern Kenya development minister Muhammad Elmi [Muhammad Faay] (left) laying the foundation stone for the proposed Ummah University in Kajiado Next to him is Dr. Abdulrahman al Muhailan the vice chairman of Africa Muslim Agency . Right is Sheikh Hammad Muhammad Kassim the former Chief Kadhi, Sheikh Hamad! Photo: the Friday Bulletin

It was another step forward for Kenyan Muslims despite the massive challenges (and now the bigotry of the Evangelical Alliance) they face; as a new University was established. The Ummah University will be situated in Kajiado, 70 KM south of Nairobi and will offer both secular and religious courses. Kenyan Muslim entrepreneurs, well wishers, politicians and the Africa Muslim Agency are financing its construction.

This will be the second fully fletched University Muslims own and run in Kenya. There is also the Kisauni and Thika Islamic Colleges which have University college status too. It is a positive sign, it is maendeleo (development) and I hope Minister Muhammad who hails from Wajir district (my hometown) will be up to the task to serve the community and the nation. As the Kiswahili proverb says: 'haba na haba hujaza kikaba (little by little, fills the pot), I hope these small steps will make us reach the pinnacle of success.

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