Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bigotry of the Catholic Church in Kenya claims it first victim

Prof. Joseph Omole, (left), a prof. of philosophy, ethics and social justice at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) was fired last month for denouncing the bigoted position the Catholic Church of Kenya has taken vis-a-vis the new proposed constitution.

Mr. Omole's cardinal sin was that he warned against the demonisation of Muslims and urged the Church to drop its opposition to the historical Muslim courts that serve only Muslims in Kenya. The courts only handle marriage, inheritance divorce cases and between only Muslims.

The courts have been in existence even before the colonialists introduced Christianity into Kenya. The East African Standard has the story HERE.

The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya has been sending some demonic emails about the danger Kenyan Muslims pose (interestingly Islam was the first Abrahamic Faith to be practiced in Kenya and at no time did Muslims ever hurt a non-Muslim(s)-but they were hurt many times).

I have once received such an email from a good Christian friend of mine who was shocked that such hateful characters existed in our midst. I retorted that hate and particularly imported hate is the biggest danger that faces Kenya today apart from the negative ethnicity perpetuated by the ruling elite. He agreed.

A conscientious Kenyan blogger has responded in detail to one of the hate emails sent by Evangelical alliance, please read it HERE.

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