Thursday, June 10, 2010

Evil Journalism: The Daily Mail

Prince Charles at Oxford Islamic Centre
I'm an armchair environmentalist (for now) though I would like to be part of those who fight for the environment in the future God willingly. Therefore it is natural that I follow news related to this subject and while reading a certain blog, I came along a link that points to UK's Daily Mail and you know what? It screamed: "Follow the Islamic way to save the world." Prince Charles urges environmentalists.

Well, the fact is that the Prince never said "Follow Islam to save the world", the Prince urged his audience made of scholars at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies to follow 'Islamic spiritual principles' to protect the environment. But the Daily Mail heard something else. Well, it didn't hear, but saw fit to twist what it heard and this is the same newspaper that warned "Jews bring disease, death and destruction" one hundred years ago on its front page. Today it is the Muslims. A history of perpetual evil.

It was only yesterday when the notoriously bigoted Daily Telegraph sexed up a story to produce a typical anti-Muslim piece. Allan Marshall, Area Bishop of Buckingham wrote about this nasty behaviour in his blog and thanks to him for being a righteous bishop. Read it HERE.

*Update*: Daily Mail columnist Peter Osborne warns against the unfair coverage of Muslims in British media at a conference on Islamophobia. Read it HERE.

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