Monday, June 14, 2010

Building a society through defeatism: Malay style

Being a student in Malaysia has been useful to me in many ways. You learn many new things, a new country, a new culture, people, food, etc. A beautiful nation with beautiful people, but probably a nation that has the worst political system. When you look from a far, when you see the dazzling Twin Towers, the sky crappers, the trains, the paved roads, the almost all tarmacked lanes, it is beautiful and satisfying, but beyond that, there is stinking political system, one devoid of decency and human good, a godless politics that thrives in indecency, skulduggery and simply outright demagoguery.

I remember Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi saying in 2006, ‘the Malays will do anything to achieve something in politics (or something like that) and that anything includes vomit inducing rhetoric and actions. He was right! He was booted out disgracefully after being stabbed in the back by some of his Cabinet Ministers.

Malaysia’s story is not new, its racial politics, stifling bureaucracy, bulging and ever increasing civil service, third world politics, controlled society, partisan bodies and unthinking religious entities are issues one reads about almost on daily basis. Malaysia is not a nation that has bright future. I remember as a kid, circa 1995 reading somewhere a robust statement made by Prof. Ali Mazrui, recognized as one of the 100 most influential intellectuals today where he praised the nation and predicted a bright future. Prof. Mazrui was in particular intrigued by the then Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. One decade later, you won’t hear the Kenyan-American professor talking of Malaysia.

That was when the economy was strong, institutional rot hidden from the public, social discontent minimal, political demagoguery not widely practiced, and Malaysia was surging. Dr. Mahathir and his then Deputy, Anwar Ibrahim were extremely popular in the Muslim (and non Muslim to a large extent) world. They were where the Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan is today. Unchallenged and probably unparalleled when measured against fellow Muslim leaders.

Then came 1998, where Dr Mahathir and Anwar clashed over the 1997/8 Asian Financial Crisis and some internal succession politics. Anwar was sacked, brutally beaten and jailed on fabricated charges of sodomy. Dr. Mahathir, realizing Anwar’s appeal both locally and abroad went overdrive to neutralize him. He did it (at least until he left power in 2003) but at the expense of Malaysia. Malaysia has never recovered from that humiliating experience since then and it will never. Make no mistake about it; neither Dr. Mahathir nor Malaysia will recover from that ugly episode.

Anwar today is facing sodomy charges again. The new allegation would even beat the first one in stupidity. At least, in the first one, Malaysians were innocent enough to be shocked. Now, they aren’t. In fact, they have become accustomed to the brutality of the system that they smile, resigned to that fate. Only Chinua Achebe can describe their resignation and hopelessness like he did in his A Man of the People. Foreign students in Malaysia joke about this immoral politics. ‘Why doesn’t Malaysia introduce Bachelor in Sodomology’ they joke. Then they can shout to the world that they can (boleh) as they say in Malaysia.

This is a nation that’s losing its soul, its spiritual side, its human side. It is becoming concrete, merciless, immoral, godless and utterly ruthless. All the signs that the edifice is to come tumbling down are there, but the elite are interested in one thing: assassinating Anwar and they refuse to see the imminent danger.

But that’s not the subject here; it is the defeatism culture of the Malay leadership. Being a Somali ethnic myself, I’m in no position to blame others or point out their shortcomings, after all, my people have nothing to be proud of. May be Islam only, and even that Islam, they have rendered it cruel and tribal.

In Malaysia, there are three main races, the Malays who are the majority, the Chinese and the Indians, then there is motley of other races and tribes but politics revolves around the three main ones. Malaysia’s greatest challenge has been how to balance the economic disparity between the native Malays and the migrant communities who have made big (at least many of them) in Malaysia. The racial riots of 1969 define Malaysia till today.

After that deadly rioting, a new economic policy (NEP) was formulated. The target was to alleviate Malay poverty (plus the poverty of others), rearrange the economic imbalance, support Malays to get a foothold and make them have at least 30% equity. Four decades later, it stands at 19%. In those four decades, entire countries were built from scratch, of course others failed, but in Malaysia, they couldn't manage one policy in four decades and worse, many continue to insist that the failed policy should be maintained. Like a drug addict who holds on to his fatal drugs, some Malays have become addicts. It is killing them, killing their souls, killing their humanity, killing their spirit, killing their will, killing their dignity, killing their Islam and killing their country.

The trouble is the Malay leadership. Having seen their people have become addicts, they lack the charisma to tell them that the nation must cross a new frontier and meet today’s challenges with new policies that are effective, economically sound and free of corruption. You can’t stick to a policy that failed. Four decades is what a nation needs to rise, not for a single policy to be implemented.

Of course there is Anwar Ibrahim, always the rabble rouser who called the policy obsolete and formulated a new policy. But rather than debating on the merits of his new policy, the ruling party, UMNO, and its apparatchiks dismissed Anwar as a traitor, IMF funded rogue who wants to destroy the Malays. To me, Anwar is a great leader and UMNO leaders are leaders. The difference between the two is that a great leader takes his people where they don’t want but aught to be and a leader takes his people where they want. And when you listen to what your people like PERKASA's Ibrahim Ali and other Manglish speaking, Utusan consuming hordes want, you fail in your leadership role and that’s what’s happening in Malaysia.

In the four to five years that I have been in Malaysia, I have never heard a single Malay leader apart from Anwar Ibrahim and former Finance Minister and UMNO’s only conscientious member (apart from a blogger called Sakmongkol) Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah say the Malays CAN! I always hear, “The Malays are weak, the Malays can’t compete, the Malays don’t have the Chinese civilization, the Malays are not tough enough to survive on their own, the Malays need help, the Malays are under threat” and etc.

Dr. Mahathir, the former PM and a notoriously racial leader continues to stoke the embers of racism and warned the Malays that that they were losing Malaysia to the non-Malays. He knows they aren't losing, but his target is to scare villagers into supporting the ruling party and thus prevent his arch-rivals, Anwar and PAS leaders from coming into power. I have no problem with politics, but destructive politics that destroys the very fabric of your nation and mismanages the destiny of that nation is both immoral and evil.

When I hear UMNO Malay leaders humiliate their own people by saying they are weak, can’t compete and need perpetual crutches, I always ask myself: what’s their intention? When you publicly and before the world camera repeat and repeat that your people are a bunch of hapless people, what do you want the world to do? To issue a Guinness World Records' certificate of collective stupidity to your people?

Why not praise your people instead? Why not say my people can? Why not raise up their spirit? Why not show them the opportunities the world has rather than cocooning them here alone? Why not remind them Islam and Allah’s order to Muslims to seek His bounties on earth and toil? A believer doesn't fail and worse, a believer doesn't engage in defeatism. “Ta-Ha. We have not revealed the Quran to you that you may be unsuccessful.” (20-1-2. Holy Quran, Shakir)

There was a Tab’ie (follower of the Prophet’s Companions) who one day came a long two men fighting. One was being humiliated. So he wanted to raise the spirits of the defeated guy. He reminded him of his faith, of his people’s past glories, of his ability, of grandfathers, of his own, and instantly the man was charged. I can’t recollect the entire story but I remember the Tabi’e also said had the other man being the one humiliated, he would have reminded him of many good things and helped him rise.

The moral of the story? Always remind your people of what’s good! Of their past glories to draw lessons, always point to their future. Remind them about their name and dignity. Tell them of the teachings of their faith. Islam is basically about creating success stories, not a whining society that’s hopeless. You are in a fight, a perpetual fight and this fight can’t be won through simplistic ideas. It needs resilience, patience, innovation, faith, sobriety, thinking, good leadership, honest administrators and just leaders (institutions).

This battle needs sacrifice. This battle needs toil and tears. Allah (sw) didn't see it fit to send even His Prophets free food. There is nothing called free here. All our Prophets worked hard and were herdsmen. Why do you think they had to occupy the lowest of jobs to survive? It's meant to remind us work is what’s important and earning halal income is our destiny. Rent-seeking, corruption, sleaze, cronyism and opportunism destroy a nation.

Mukhtar al Bukhary is not a success story. Which part of meeting a minister in his private sitting room and cutting deals is a success? Can he stand tall and be proud? The world would laugh at him, but UMNO says that’s the success of NEP. Poorah! A successful story inspires generations or even nations. Bill Gates inspired nations. He invented something, promoted it and benefited billions. He continues to inspire billions. Can Bukhary do the same? He can’t. When you give Naza 18,000 APs and they make some easy money, it that a success story that can inspire the future Malays? Which part of it is a success?

But we can have a successful Malay community by sticking to the book, rule of law, Godliness, and meritocracy. You deserve: you get, you don’t deserve: you won’t get it. Period! We need to have some policy to help the Malays, but we need results as well. I want to remind the Malays one thing, if you are unjust, you will lose this nation. That’s how God’s creation order works. Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said: God upholds the just state even if it is unbelieving, but does not uphold the unjust state even if it is Muslim.”

In other words, God would help and sustain a non-Muslim person/state that’s just than a Muslim person/state that is not. This is simple because the Prophets were sent to bring justice and God’s creation order stands on justice. If you want to have NEP, include the Chinese and Indian orphans and widows and the needy among all races. That way, you will continue to rule and prosper. But if you think voting PERKASA and UMNO will make you safe and sustainable, then you are mistaken. You will drown sooner than you can imagine. It is justice that would maintain you and settle for good leadership.

There can no be 100% successful policy or state, but being righteous and godly, being fair and just, being honest and incorruptible helps. And please, for once, defeat PERKASA and PERKASA minded parties. If you don't look inward, if you don't ask critical questions and examine yourselves, if you believe the hyperbole of PERKASA and its financiers, there will come a time when it is too late to salvage this nation and regret comes later. May Allah (sw) bless u all and guide us! Amin!

“And those who strive in Our (cause),- We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right. Holy Quran 29: 69)

Update: An anonymous commentator pointed out to a forum (forum.cari) where some Malays are attacking me. Read their bunkum here. Some are even calling me a nigger. kkkkk! I can assure you that I'm whiter than "Malay" Zambry Abdul Kadir. But even if I were a nigger, that's not a problem. I appreciate God's creation. I being black or white is of no consequence. My humanity is what matters.

Please dear Malay brethren, debate the merits of this post and if you believe I may be wrong in some cases, point out and advise by commenting on it. Engaging in an orgy of tribal bashing devoid of any intellectual input justifies what I have wrote here. I love you and only God knows how Much. My criticism is genuine and from a Muslim brother who feels your pain but believes things have to change because the world is not waiting for you. Wassalam!



  2. Excellent article! You write very well...

  3. Righteousness is what Malaysian leader is lacking.Worse,incompetence and corruption are the norm of the ruling elites.Newton's third law of "Action and reaction are equal" would ensure that UMNO/BN would be defeated in the near future.

  4. The turn around will not happen. Like you said, it is etched in the Guinness Book of records. How can it be reversed?

    I am waiting to see how this country will be re-colonised.

    They are too weak a bunch now to change anything, just like the drug addict in his/her last stage - simply succumbing to any demand!

  5. Verily verily!
    Bull's Eye!

  6. Excellent observation... the hope lies in PR coming into power next election... hopefully, god is with us...

  7. This is the first time I am coming to your blog and whatever you said sounded true and just. Keep up the postings and hopefully one day Malaysia can rise to where it belongs...

  8. Hello there. What you write here makes a lot of sense and does reflect the current situation in Malaysia.

    I just thought that you might want to know that some (mostly) Malay Malaysians have posted angry comments in response to this article here

  9. Dear Kenyan Nomad:

    You have an amazing insight into the country's current situation: its politics, economics and social problems for a foreigner.

    I can assure you that your views have been playing in our (Chinese amnd Indians) minds for a long time.

    Nothing can be done as long as the UMNO leaders view the Chinese and Indians as immigrants forever. Any development is only possible if the immigrant groups are viewed as Malaysians.

    Year by year, the government tries very hard to suppress the number of excellent Chinese and Indian students from gaining entry into public universities. Those who managed to get it were offered courses that they did not request for. So, many of the parents send their kids to India, Russia or UK for their higher studies. Upon completion of their studies, these students decide to serve in countries that recognize them by their achievements and not race. Parents who can't afford to send their kids out continue to beg the govermment through their respective political parties to get entrance or scholarship.
    I believe regardless of race, one as an individual should be able to compete with the rest especially if you are put through the same education system. However, claiming that a certain race is still incapable of competing and requires assistance for the past 50 years after independence is outrageous.

    The Malays are weak, the Malays can’t compete, the Malays don’t have the Chinese civilization, the Malays are not tough enough to survive on their own, the Malays need help, the Malays are under threat” and etc.

    This statement above has been their sole justification on why they need help all the time for as long as they exist. It is a standard answer which was also written in the history textbook used in schools. Lecturers spend time explaining on how the malays deserved to be helped so that the younger generation does not question the malay authority...

    Though there exist a small group of malay who think they don't need help, the UMNO leaders still insist that help is, this is never ending story of help will continue as long as Mahathir and their cohorts continue to run the political show in this country...

    One last word, you voice your thoughts very well.

  10. They have forgotten what DOING RIGHT, as expounded by the Quran, is anymore.

    We of course know who THEY is.

    Admiral Tojo

  11. A very well written piece with excellent insight into the fabric of the soul of our nation. Thank you for sharing in a thought provoking and succinct way.

    God bless you, my dear friend. I trust that many people get to read your piece and stir their inner souls and search their hearts so that together we may make Malaysia great!

    It takes EVERYONE in the country to ARISE and establish Malaysia on the world stage and I too agree that we can if together we want it.

  12. I think this is an excellent unbiased view.Keep it up!

  13. Dear Nomad,

    Being and outsider and a student, you have summarised it well about Malaysia and its current state of affairs. I wonder why the people here are not seeing it..... God bless you.

  14. damn .... Bloggers are stupid ....!!!!!

  15. My exact sentiment. Thanks. I love this nation but I'm not allow to love it bcoz I'm not a Malay. If I vote for the opposition, I'm called a traitor/ a pengdatang. Do you know how hurtful this is?

  16. wow that was a good piece of article that I have just read. We have been taught for the past 2 decades or so "Malaysia Boleh" but why has this not been translated to "Melayu Boleh".

  17. As an foreign student you have a better insight of the Malaysian situation than those "addicts".

    I am sure you are sincere in your assessment based on your experience but I hope you will not face any "difficulties" with those "addicts" and the govt.

    Keep your identity safe - you have more to lose than you think.

  18. Good article. Thank you. Sometimes we need a person from outside to remind us. pywong

  19. “God upholds the just state even if it is unbelieving, but does not uphold the unjust state even if it is Muslim.”


    This piece makes a very good thesis on why Malaysia can never be a great nation despite Allah's benevolence to her. I couldn't have put it so eloquently.

    Allah creates, Man (UMNO) destroys.

  20. Dear Kenyan Nomad,

    I am very very impress with your writing. You certainly have display how well you could analyse and think, something which is missing from that race. Didn't mean to disgrace them, but its really sad to see them being "drugged" with the "clutches".

    If only they could realise that the NEP has actually done more harm than helping. There are times that I feel like just shake them awake from their long sleep, but I also realise that they may think I am jealous/envy of them. Therefore, I just watched them getting more dependant on those "clutches"..............


  21. Spot on! Will the Malay leaders have the courage to step up to be a true Malaysian champion?

  22. Excellent writeup. Hit the nail on its head squarely. Well done.

  23. Well said. Yes we do concur with you on your post but believe me, we do know it too.

    what can we do? Nothing. Yes practically nothing.

    If you ask me, no this country is gone. There are just too many issues confronting the country from Education to NEP. Each of them, are mega problems and need years to rectify. By the time we rectify them, it would be too late... we shall be at the bottom of everything.

    We just let it ride.

    What we fear most are who shall be the main losers. The Chinese and Indians have lots of choices and moving overseas to another country is one of the most obvious choices for a better life for their children. It is happening.

    Where can the Malays go if Malaysia is now no more competitive and gone bankcrupt like an Zimbabwe ruled by TDM's close friend(perhaps advised by him how to bankcrupt Zimbabwe)? Why Malaysia is only now on the road to bankcrupcy? It is because Malaysia has lots of resources and lots to plunder.

    The major asset.. the Chinese businessmen are no more as competitive for those who remain behind as business opportunities are curtailed and lack govt support for development overseas.

    In short... we have had it.

    The Malay (plus Indonesian) race has the only chance in our lifetime to attain developed status only to throw it away.

    Chinese based economies like Singapoare, Hong Kong, Taiwan and now China are racing ahead .. all headed by Chinese.

    In Malaysia , they cannot head even a small GLC.

    If they do, the likes of Ibrahim Ali would raise hue and cry. So who bothers.

    Let it be.

  24. For someone who is a foreigner and a student, I must say you are not only well informed but seem genuine enough to want to help and wake up your fellow Muslim brothers. Too bad many of them just don't get it.

  25. Well, I've not seen a more accurate and better written piece on the state of affairs in this country for a very very long time. You hit it bullseye.
    Sometimes it takes a foreigner to voice out. A Chinese or Indian or even Malay would get whacked for speaking the truth.
    Bravo, bravo...

  26. Are you sure you're not Malaysian? You sound more like a Malaysian Indian than a Kenyan to me.Anyway,you are spot on.Everything that you wrote is very very true.Umno will surely destroy the malays with all this NEP drug. They cannot get competative anymore.In the malaysian society,most of the drug addicts are malays,the mat rempits are malays,the dropouts are malays,the corrupts are malays.Can Islam lead them out of this shithole? I doubt it.

  27. Anon 7:21 AM

    Which part of me sounds Indian? Secondly, if you doubt that Islam can inspire, then you are showing little ignorance here. When I say Islam, I don't mean empty slogans and rhetoric but an empowering force that instills discipline and conscience.

  28. Very good piece of analysis. God bless you.

  29. Kenyan brother,

    90% of the Malays don't understand what you are talking about. You are going round about too long.

    You are too idealistic. You want to be a successful politician, you have to be like Mahathir, who plays to the galery.

  30. Well written article and your views as a foreigner is as good as ours. And I thank you for your views. BUT I beg to differ on this comment....
    "Malaysia’s greatest challenge has been how to balance the economic disparity between the native Malays and the migrant communities who have made big (at least many of them) in Malaysia."

    Please note that the Malays in Malaysia are not the native as mentioned. In fact they are all, in a way, immigrant. Just like the Chinese and Indians, most of them came from Indonesia.

  31. Well written. However the show is over for Malaysia. Its been downhill for the nation for the last few years and the greedy will fight for the bits left. We will soon have a majority of poverty striken people with a handful of very rich elites behind armed guards & barbed wires.
    Typical third world thrash....

  32. An Anon asked, 'Where can the Malays go if Malaysia is now no more competitive and gone bankcrupt ...'.
    Well, I can tell you that there are many Malays well connected with UMNO who have bought properies overseas as well as squirelling their loots there. They, and their kins will have an option, but not the ordinary folks.

  33. Salam brother,

    Thought i'd just let you know...

    "Update: An anonymous commentator pointed out to a forum (forum.cari) where some Malays are attacking me. Read their bunkum here. Some are even calling me a nigger. kkkkk! I can assure you that I'm whiter than "Malay" Zambry Abdul Kadir. But even if I were a nigger, that's not a problem. I appreciate God's creation. I being black or white is of no consequence. My humanity is what matters."

    I've read your piece. And sadly, i have to agree. Being a malay myself, i, like MANY other malays do realize the problem is at large. Trust me on this. I went to the forum allegedly entitled Pelajar Kenya Kutuk Melayu - Kenyan Student Disgraces The Malays. Ok, firstly the author just posted a tiny excerpt of your piece, i think to incite hatred. Typical. I know. It was just waiting for them angry comments to come. The bashing went on for the first 6 comments or so. After that, replies were started to turned around. People actually read your piece. More and more of them. And guess what? They agree with what you say. They're telling them to read the whole piece first before assuming anything. Some even lashing out at the earlier ones for calling you a nigger. There were about 24 or 25 comments overall and most of them supportive. Your right brethren. There is hope but its decreasing at a very fast rate. Something must be done soon. Very soon. Most of the comments here are from Chinese and Indians. But they have to understand that Islam is the key.


  34. One of the best constructed and articulated piece I've read in a long time, kudos.

    The other problem with M'sia is the arbitrary classification of "bumiputera", and of late, even the debate of classification of "malay-ness". Now siamese are bumis and imported indons, filipinos, indians and arabs are malays. Well, having a racist indian who thought he was "malay" as the pm for 23 years didn't help matters. Bottomline is, the ruling regime realized sometime ago they can't indefinitely buy voters and opposition MPs/Aduns, nor can they stuff more postal votes. So they have to import more voters to their cause (i.e. project m) and quickly get the election commission to redraw the entire voting constituencies before GE13

    But coming back to the theme of your piece, the only way forward from this desperate situation depends on DSAI not getting screwed over in the sodomy II fitnah and PAS being able to go down to the grassroots to inform the good kampung folks in the villages and felda settlements that they're being screwed over by the ruling regime.

    The centerpiece of what you wrote on the current state of politics, including the massive and blatant corruption, are just the symptoms of the problem. M'sians have to address the root cause of the problem - restore and respect the separation of powers to the 4 branches of the government - executive, legislative, judiciary and the institution of the DYMM Yg Dipertuan Agong. The MACC should be made answerable to the Dewan Rakyat, to the people's representatives, not the executive.

    M'sians should vote whoever is committed to this promise of restoration to the separation of powers. Only then would the problems be solved and we be free and progressive. Restore the dream that was once Malaysia!

    A Malaysian Malaysian

  35. dear brother Nomad,

    This is a unbiased and righteous view.
    Keep it up!
    Wait till you see the next election.
    Transformation is coming.

  36. This is indeed a very insightful assessment of the situation of Malaysia. But there is nothing new about what the author has to say. Any non Malaysian or any thinking Malaysian in Malaysia can tell you the same story.

    Its interesting that the comments in the Malaysia Today forum predominantly want to blame UMNO for this appalling situation

    Whereas the blame lies with Malaysians... everyone of you of voting age who through your selfishness and ignorance have allowed this country to be raped and defiled by a succession of self seeking criminals pretending to be good muslims

    You could have halted this decline but you were all too afraid and too wrapped up in your own wellbeing to give a damn about your country

    As some one once said... "You get the government you deserve..." and that sure as hell applies to Malaysia

    As you sow, so shall you reap

  37. so how about Singapore with Chinese controlling the country, treating Malays as 3rd class race.
    or to say South Africans white VS black people? or the Americans treating the african american people?

  38. for someone from another country your comments are insightful. Unfortunately,the leaders,of this country do not acknowledge it. I have always thought of myself as a Malaysian(for this is tanah tumpah darahku)but recently l am being told time and again that l am a pendatang!Pity my Malay friends who are successful due to their own effort but others say he is where he is because of the tongkat given to them!

  39. Singspore Chinese control the country as Singaporeans. Malays there are not third class or second class citizens. They are given their dues as every singapore citizen is.

  40. The malays in singapore are never treated as 3rd class citizen. Open up you eyes, they are treated better than the malays in malaysia. Go and ask any singapore malay.

  41. Dear brother (or sister?),
    Jazakumullah Khayr for your beautiful and articulate piece.

    I am amazed that someone that is not 'Malaysian' per se, can come up with a comprehensive analysis in a such short article. Believe me brother, from this article, you are more 'Malaysian' than the other Malaysian scumbags you've implicitly mentioned.

    I hope that you still have faith in some Malays (and non-malays) that want to bring about change to this country.

    I would love to see a follow up article from this. Keep on writing and inspiring. :)


  42. Yes, I'm not a muslim but hereby I am totally agree with you. In face that the society here already been brainwashed by the government with all the gimmicks created just to let the muslim cast more votes on the current ruling party.

    I am not being racist, but what you mentioned in is not affected by any bias or stereotype. Some of the citizens 'woke up' from their dreamland and the last election already shown that we as the citizen (I mean all the races) would want a change to happen it this country.

    But sadly, radical group still poisoning 'their' mindset. As a proof, you can see your blog post been bashed and flamed by the narrow minded people that always think that the non indigenous people monopolize the whole nation.

    I really hope that Malaysia need more individual like you with such a matured point of view. :)


  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  44. Just stumbled onto your site here, though I have read some of your earlier comments and writings through links from other blogs.

    Accurate, well written. Obviously written with good intention. More Malaysian should read your blog. You are now in my bookmark.

    Thank you for your contribution.

  45. I could even embrace the noble precepts of Islam just reading you and your all seeing view after just 4 years here. The edifice is indeed crumbling. Malazyia is all about outward shine & polish & an utter denial of the putrefying rot thats overtaken our nation. May your light continue to shine for us...

  46. I shouldn't have clicked that Cari Forum link. Now I feel sooo ashamed of my fellow Malay (Muslim!) brothers and sisters.

    There are still good Malays, they just don't waste their time ridiculing people on forums.

  47. Thank you for this amazing post.

    Now we really know all about Malaysia and Anwar Ibrahim.

    Perhaps you may want to write similar post about Nigeria and Somalia and their great leaders if any, so that we can learn and follow their footsteps.

    Better yet you can write about Israel and its allies who are creating history for the world.

    Thank you once again.

    I enjoyed reading the post.

  48. stupid blogger and his fanbois lololol

  49. thankx for writing ! we malaysian mostly are NATO members No Action Talk Only. cheers

  50. I love this article but too bad we cant voice out anything like this. so much for freedom of speech. forget Uni, most of the things we learn in high school are lies; malays are the good guys, the british are the bad guys.
    i didn't even bother applying for 6th form because there's not much future beyond that. so what if you get 4 flat? you still cant be a doctor. i'm now in australia studying for my degree and i don't plan on settling back in malaysia. ever! there's no future whatsoever there. all we do is help the government feed the lazybums.

  51. The Worried NativeJune 18, 2010 at 11:14 PM


    you have an excellent piece of article here. Very very good observation. Indeed, our country needs a change. I come from Sabah, the east side of Malaysia. Not only, the chinese and indians are feeling the roughness of this racial government policy, but the natives of sabah too.

    Being the native of my land, we are officialy treated as a second class citizen. Not only are we not given chances to control our own state. The richness of our land is taken from us right in front of our eyes and we're unable to do anything. Illegal distribution of identification cards to illegal immigrants have made their number equal if not more than our people. Furthermore, they attain the bumiputera/malay class citizen, of which their privileges surprasses the chinese and indians who've been here even before independence of Malaya. Our native (bumiputera) status is just a lie.

    Our leaders, like Anwar Ibrahim is just as suppressed. The difference between them is Anwar has the means (funds) to fight. Our leaders don't have much money. Sabah, i can say, a state that generates a lot, if not, the most revenue out of the sates in Malaysia is the poorest state in the country.

    If there is no change in this country, then like you said, there will only be destruction, or wait till our country is re-colonialised. Now, the natives, especially the Dusuns are losing their identity. The language have been officially declared endangered. The government does not give a damn about it. All they think is where to, the next holiday. Or who to, corrupt next. If the corrupt practices continues, there is no change, then when my grandchildren have their children, the Dusun, their heritage, will only be a thing of the past.

  52. Very nicely written. This is just the kind of spirit that the Malays needs to adapt to ensure Malaysia turns into a free and fair country. "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime". They have to break free from protection and compete equally.

  53. so true...
    well done brother.
    hope this will open my fellow malay's eyes

  54. ["...what can we do? Nothing. Yes practically nothing. ...Let it be......"] - Anonymous June 15, 2010 6:11 AM

    You've just emphasized what it means to succeed by preying on others. You will definitely do well like the UMNO pariahs ...!

  55. I'm just glad that you made it clear that our current leaders and the supporters of their twisted intents are the ones who are dumb fucks, and not Malaysians in general.

  56. Do me a favor first, just shut the fuck up and be grateful to be accepted into our university when many of the locals were rejected to fill in spaces for you.

    Just study quietly and stop commenting on our affair.

  57. a good READ.. a view from outside the bottle...

    please share more of your views :)

    keep up the good job man :)

  58. Dear brother ,

    thanks for your article. Its a good read.

    Wishing u all the best in your journey to right the wrong in Malaysia.

    may our prayer give dividend to those out there particularly the poor malaysian which were discriminated by the KERAjaan ( government ).

    It is very sad to see,hear and read about the leaders of Muslim faith but does not walk the talk. With all the corruption and rampant mega project that does not equal to success....actually these leaders are giving ISLAM a bad image .

    Thanks for your excellent article and may Allah Bless u .

  59. ( Anonymous said...

    Do me a favor first, just shut the fuck up and be grateful to be accepted into our university when many of the locals were rejected to fill in spaces for you.

    Just study quietly and stop commenting on our affair. )

    This shows how arrogant u are!!!! Why don't u wise-up a bit ? WTF malaysian government are doing to attract foreign students to malaysia for? So as to get cheap chicken wear shoes from china is it????

    Please do not be an ungrateful lot to your GOD !!! This world are not meant for u and u alone. Learn to agree and disagree with others. If so let malaysia be like myanmar and bar all foreigners from malaysia, Shallow thinking umnoputra....typical lot.

  60. Kudos to you sir for your fair comments.


  61. ... the main reason why Im no longer in BolehLand!

  62. Very nice Article, but i don't think half of the malays can understand Eng....sad~~~

  63. fair observation and excellent write-up. I couldn't have written better. and i'm a Malaysian. thank you for writing this. I've tweeted this link so that others would read too.

  64. Do me a favour first,just shut the fuck up and be grateful to be accepted by our university when many of the locals were rejected to fill in spaces for you".
    Does this not sound familiar?Only this time it is addressed to a foreigner.How many times have we (the non Malays)been told to be grateful for having been given citizenship of this country?And how many times have we also been told to be grateful to have UMNO governing this country?No prizes to be given for guessing who the author could be.
    It is precisely this type of thinking that will eventually do Malaysia in!

  65. 'So how about Singapore with Chinese controlling the country,treating Malays as 3rd class race.'. Oh,really!But then again how could any government treat any race as 1st,2nd or 3rd class race.As far as I know they can only treat ethnic groups as 1st class or 2nd class or 3rd class citizen.
    The first thing to ask you is this.Are Malaysian Malays better off than Singapore Malays in terms of per capital income,wealth distribution amongst the group,house ownership or the education received.Answer is no.The second question to ask is do the Malays in Singapore have to pay more than the Chinese in buying properties like the Chinese in Malaysia do(Malays here pay less since they have a 7% discount even if they are millionaires or billionaires as long as they are Malay).Is the civil service in Singapore swarmed with Chinese like the civil service in Malaysia? In Singapore the civil service is well represented by Malays and Indians.In Malaysian civil service there are only 5.8% Chinese (Chinese population in Malaysia is 23.5%),4%Indians (Indian population is 7.5%), 78.2% Malays (Malay population in Malaysia is 51%)and 11.7% others (mostly natives of East Malaysia which represents 11.5% of Malaysian population).Is it mandatory to give 30% equity to Chinesefor all companies operating in
    Singapore,remember there are 75% Chinese in Singapore's population. Or 30% (if not more)in employment priority to be given to Chinese since they form such a large major bulk of Singapore's population!
    In all areas of National Life everyone is given the same opportunity to participate in Singapore.The Chinese (75% in Singapore vs 51% Malays in Malaysia) are not given undue advantage whether in education,in the civil service,in the private sector or buying a house in Singapore (Chinese don't get 7% discount!).
    So is Singapore Malay treated like 3rd class citizen as the Chinese in malaysia is?In fact Chinese with Malaysian citizen is treated worse,he is a pendatang!

  66. You remind me of Nelson Mandela. You're gonna be a fine leader for Somali one of these days. :)

  67. I am a Malaysian and i love my country so much. what i want is to get rid Anwar Ibrahim off this country. He just can't see malaysia stay in peace.

  68. after 4/5 years in the country, this is what you know about the country????

    this article is nothing but a malicious and dumb!!

    time to send this ungrateful guy to damned africa.....

  69. bravo. well said.

  70. 'after 4/5 years in the country,this is what you know about the country'.

    After 4/5 years in this country and coming up with an article like this,I would say his account of the situation in this country is as insightful as any comment given by any expert in Malaysian Affairs,and unlike you who has stayed all your life here has a distorted view of your country cos you see this country with a blinker!That's the difference between you and this kenyan nomad.

  71. well written, well said, well done.. bull's eye!!

  72. First of all, thanks for the article. a very well-written piece that cuts to the heart of all that is wrong of my nation.

    however, the truth remains that is it impossible to have any major changes happening anytime soon, no matter which political front/party is in placed in charge.

    the problem is with the leaders of the day, but it the real problem is the people of this nation.

    because we have resigned into our own shells, no matter the colour of our skin.

    racism is so rife, it is considered normal in malaysia. and make no mistake, it is not contained to one race, but every single race in malaysia.

    and it is because this racism is well-drummed, well-educated into our very bloodstream, not just by the government, but by our friends, our parents, our relatives, our businesses, and every fabric that makes up our society that we will never progress beyond it.

    our educated and intellectuals cower behind computer screens and voices their aimless laments on a plane that exists in wires and plugs.

    our poor and uneducated cower in their wooden houses blaming everyone for leaving them there.

    and all the while, men who call themselves leaders continue to perpetuate the separation between race and class just so they can profit for themselves enough to leave the country in time.

    this is the reality of malaysia.

    a nation of people unwilling to stand up for themselves for the powerful has crushed every inch of hope in us.

    a nation of people bickering among each other because the powerful has instilled the concept of THEY AGAINST US in every single race and class for 4 generations.

    the only chance that malaysia has now is for the worst to happen.

    when the people are no longer able to even feed themselves, and bloodshed shall happen for the pettiest of reasons, destruction shall be random and rampart, violence shall become the norm of the day.

    and then, only then, after the carnage, after the dust has settled, can Malaysia raise from its own wastelands to finally change.

    consider the history of all the nations of the world.

    don't be naive, dear blogger, this world is build from the ashes of violence, this nation shall be no different.

    we are waiting for the end, which is beginning as we speak.

    to all anonymous posters who wishes only to insult: if u truly believe what you say to be true, then show your identity with the righteous gall of your words, if not, consider your insults a humiliation to yourself.

  73. Good article, well said.

  74. Very well written and you have correctly pointed out the misdemeanors of the present government. It is a pity that only a small percentage of our people will get to read this article.

    Please do not be discouraged by those who commented negatively for they do not know what they say and cannot see the wood for the trees.

  75. Your tought better than many ministers in this country

  76. Dear Kenyan brother,
    This article is quite insightful for a Malay to understand. I can tell that you are quite an educated person but unfortunately most of our Malay brothers and sisters are not that educated.
    The rich Malays will sent their kids abroad for their education and the poor ones will depend on the government to provide local education which can be equaled to "rubbish".
    Even though education were given, they don't seems to appreciate it. To them, education is not important simply because of their race. They are the Malays and they are born with special privileges. They just don't find the needs to use their brain.
    As for the non-malays, they worked very hard to achieve a decent living and are proud of their achievement despite being suppress by the government. The non-malays contributed the most in developing Malaysia as a nation.
    The Malays are NOT the founder of Malaysia. It was the Chinese who founded it. The first Malay ruler from Palembang Indonesia beg the Chinese to protect them from invasion from the Siamese king. Without Chinese, the Malays would be a Thai nationals. The Malay race will not exist.
    And yet today, they are so prideful as to ask the Malaysian chinese to return to China.
    What has become of Malaysia?? The country which I loved so much is now heading for destruction. Only education and a change of government can save Malaysia.
    The Malays has been conned by their own race but due to their lack of education, they are extremely vulnerable and unbelievably ignorant.

  77. First time I stumbled upon your writing. Insightful! Too bad, the majority of Malays do not read this. FYI I read every comment including the ones in Cari Forum.

  78. Thank you for the article, when you are free please feel free to drop by my blog and have a read on the general feeling of Sabahans.

  79. Wake up Malaysia ! The comments of Kenyan Nomad are not only observational but prophetic in the next 10 to 15 years unless you wake up. Malaysia will eventually become a global insignificant wasteland of no contribution to the entire world but that will not stop Malaysians from being delusional about their demise. In fairness, some of the greedy non-Malays have to take much responsibility for the nations demise. They are corrupt and look inwardly only to themselves and are in cahoots with the powerful Malays who are hell bent on plundering the wealth of the nation. Then there are the day to day Malaysians who think that by sitting on the fence and echoing " what can I do " will change the future direction of their country. To them I say - stand up and be counted instead of " what can I do ". You can vote can't you. Choose who you vote for wisely and with courage of your conviction. You continue to vote for those idiots who plunder your wealth then you and your country deserve to be poor and the demise that come with it. Get rid of those who are filth and who continually corrupt the power that determines a nations future and well-being. You have to take ownership too. Saying " what can I do " will not change the direction of your country. You are a defeatist !! Those who do will succeed. Those who don't won't simple as that.
    Then there are the Malays which I will classify under two groups - the paranoid and the delusionals. The first group are forever thinking that if the non-Malys were to run the country they will become obsolete so they do whatever fear mongering they can to hold on to power but they are politically emotionally bankrupt because the only way they know how to run the country is through corruption that is using wealth to " buy " intelligence and political stability to ensure that they sit comfortably. Some of the leaders in Malaysia would not be able to manage horse shit in a paddock with their knowledge. That is why as Kenyan Nomad said other nations take 4 decades to reshape their nations future directions but Malaysia has taken the same time but cannot even implement a simple policy ! You only have to look at Singapore who was once a state in Malaysia. I can't help wonder if Pulau Langkawi were to gain independence now that in twenty years time their GDP will be much better than Malaysia and even their currency value !!!
    The second group are those who continually delude themselves " Malaysia Boley " forever talking up themselves even though they are going backwards. I have visited Malaysia on many occasions and on each and every occasion I find evidence of attitude, aspirations and projections of its people morally and ideologically bankrupt. I perceive a sense of frustration punctuated with arrogance when I meet or interact with Malaysians. They are so disempowered and the sad part is they are resigned to the fact that they are disempowered " what can I do ".

    I hope that Malaysian will wake up to themselves and have a vision for their country. To do so the non Malays must stand up and have the courage of their convictions to be counted and that is to vote the rubbish out of Parliament.
    The Malays must stop harbouring feelings of paranoia that they will be second class citizens and give the non Malays of the nation a chance to show that ALL MALAYSIANS of whatever colour, creed and race deserves equal share of the wealth of the nation. Ruling the country with a chip on your shoulder will never make a country great.

    I await with much interest to see the next decade in the Malaysian political and social landscape. I left the country almost half a century ago and I share the observations of Kenyan Nomad.

    Malaysian at heart

  80. great write up! Wish more Malaysians (I said Malaysians)share the same insight....

    I myself is a Muslim, Malay women.....

  81. There will be no justice as long as man will stand with a knife or with a gun and destroy those who are weaker than he is.
    Isaac Bashevis Singer

  82. Mature Malaysian.

    My Kenyan Nomad friend, your link was passed on to me by a colleague. I am impressed by the way you have anaylsed the situation at home. I concur with your evaluation. As an non-Malay, I enjoyed the local environment in my younger days. I never encountered a situation where we thouht along racial lines. However, that has been the way post 1969 and the NEP. Today, my children face the unequal treatment at different stages of their lives. I am prepared to live and let live for the sake of peace and as see the pain and disaster in many other countries. I would not want to see that happening to our population. I can speak with some authority as I have travelled to many distant destinations and seen the worst.

    However, we defintely need a change in Malaysia. Hopefully, at the next election, there will be an opportunity to start the process of unbundling the corrupt system in place. If all the races cannot consider themselves as 1Malaysia, we will be doomed to failure whilst our neighbours surge ahead!

    Thank you for taking the time out to write.

  83. you have to be grateful to someone for getting the opportunity to study in our university where other Malaysians could be the ones......your government or our government but no after you have gained your stay here in Malaysia and finished your studies you write like an angel in disguise about our affairs and that our country is going to the about you going back and look into the problems of your country and stop the fucking Somali pirates from extorting every ship that goes into Somali those who are not happy living here in Malaysia get the fuck out and leave us to handle our matters.... we dont need arseholes whose country is in deep shit to tell us what to do.

  84. Anon 11: 36

    Why would I be grateful for paying my fees and having the necessary qualification to study what I wanted to study? And don't you know I bring more than you can imagine? Oh, did you read the post very well? I'm not a Somali national. Your Manglish tells me all. I'm an ethnic Somali and not a Somali national. Poor!

  85. I'm gonna repeat what most of your readers have said, but well.. =) You write very well, are very insightful and most importantly, you are right. Please don't be disheartened by rude and hurtful comments by idiots who can't be as intellectual and objective as you (and some of us). I sense sincerity in your writing and as a non-Malay and non-Muslim, I wish every Malaysian well including the Muslims. Stay safe. God bless you.

  86. Every man/woman is a brother or sister to another... Regardless of nationality/ethnicity/religion.

    I agree with whatever you have written and hope for more posts to come.

    To those who are here to incite hatred with words uttered out of their brainless other hole. I think you should start by talking like civilized people with other posters/people around you. Have a debate to solve problems and not use words spurned from your heart to bash others for what is an actual truth.

    Malays (not all) have been like this poster:

    "to those who are not happy living here in Malaysia get the fuck out and leave us to handle our matters"

    We want problems solved but losing an argument just because you have nothing to better to say and asking those who want a BETTER Malaysia to leave doesn't solve any of our countries problems.

    In fact chasing away those who want a better Malaysia for everyone to live in would make Malaysia a bigger shit hole(pardon my language)to live in because the only ones left will be those much like the poster quoted.

    Thank you for your words Kenyan Nomad and again hope to hear more from you.

  87. Its fascinating to read through the responses to Nomad's article

    I'd like to address some of the comments:

    Firstly the number of commentators who have mentioned the fact that Nomad has an amazing insight into Malaysia when he has only been here for six years. Malaysians!!!... Dont you see that its because he is an outsider that he can see the problems which plague this country.

    Muslims have been conditioned NOT to think and to do everything they are told. The comments by the more rabid muslims in this discussion support my contention. So they honestly believe that Malaysia is a good country to live in. Poor misguided fools they have had the wool pulled over their eyes for generations and know no better.

    Their normal response to any criticism will be to point out how much more awful things are in other countries ( as if they really do want to be the worst of the worst)... or they will tell you to get the fxxx out of the country if you dont like it here ( how many times have I heard that)

    The Chinese and Indians have been downtrodden and repressed for so long they are too scared to see what is going on around them. All they want is money, money and more money. They dont care about human rights any more than do the muslims ( just look at SG). Hence they will bleat ... its too late to do anything/there is nothing we can do/ bla bla bla

    The undeniable fact is that you had a democracy in Malaysia and you had a Constitution that protected your human rights. But you have allowed both to be raped and pillaged in the name of power and religion and you ... all of you... stood back and believed what that evil man and his evil religion were telling you "You have never had it so good"

    What he really meant was "I've never had it so good"

  88. Am malay, born by the river,jus like d river, been movin ever since - the truth is our races, culture, politics, patronism politics, etc sucks so do most asian countries - dey dont knw wats out der - in 74 i left w/o any askin any scholarship or loan by given 1 by a US college & never look back - here sincerity of heart why we can do stuff at nasa, lawrence livermore,martin marietta,huges,boeing etc - go back home late parents wer proud but most of d rest r all sweetpoontang crackers - till dis veri day m'sia can built genuinely good heli, planes, or anything w/o interferences (x een road curbs, parking etc) by dos in power political smart ass politicians of all races - a lost generation one after another, even religion is sckrewed 2 falsehood - go ponder & ask merci - u wanna b a hippie scientist still fast & pray go migrate with all the freedom of seeking beneficial sincere knowledge.

  89. "The Chinese and Indians have been downtrodden and repressed for so long they are too scared to see what is going on around them"

    chinese are depreseed?my ass...
    so many big companies(controlling raw material excluded petroleum OK-any gov in the world will control petroleum) & not only that, thousands of small business was owned by chinese...why?

    coz they are controlling/monopolyzing many of our everyday items

    even all the computer stuffs at lowyat are controlled by chinese

    checked Ipad price at Spore & comapre at Ipad price In malaysia..u wil get the idea ...& so other stuffs

    thats the truth the chinese wont admit

  90. This information is rather old. I don't believe half of what you are talking about but everyone has their own views and I respect your opinion.