Friday, June 11, 2010

Kenya Muslims brand Higher Education Minister as an enemy

In a bold move, Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM)'s weekly newsletter, the Friday Bulletin branded Higher Education Minister William Ruto (left) as an enemy of the Muslim community in Kenya and a bigot working in gloves with some Churches funded by the gospel of hate from America.

Ruto who leads the NO brigade that's fighting to defeat the proposed constitution slated for a referendum on August 4 was recently quoted in the local media as fanning hate against the Muslim community and urging Christians to vote against the draft because it favours Muslims.

Only last week, Muslims clerics told Ruto stop the incitement against Muslims. And yesterday, the Friday Bulletin was categorical that Ruto has crossed the line. Read more HERE.

Well, this means he has lost the support of Tourism Minister Najib Balala and Assistant Livestocks Minister Aden Duale who have supported him against Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Ruto who has lost the friendship of almost every tribe in Kenya (and now Muslims) seems to be losing momentum. His hate politics won't go beyond his Rift-Valley hinterland. Though he aspires for national leadership, he doesn't have what it takes to lead Kenya. He can vie for Rift- Valley Governorship though and that's fine with many people who don't want to see this bigot at the national stage.


Kenya's leading Islamophobe Bishop Margaret Wanjiru says she has dedicated Ruto's soul to Christ since he was the Evangelicals Chief in his University days. The man and his hateful backers are coming out!

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